United States Film Ratings  


U.S.F.R. United States Film Ratings

USFR is a company that rates motion pictures for distribution to theaters nationally and worldwide. The United States Film Ratings is compiled of industry professionals and movie goers to standardize the ratings system for our affiliates. We are the only rating company that is not affiliated with the other six major studios or the MPAA. 

Currently we are preparing second office in Washington D.C. currently Las Vegas, NV where there will be a standard for US motion pictures. 

USFR will offer memberships to all filmmakers and we only charge for your rating time used by the staff not a percentage as mpaa does. We don't concern ourselves with, if you make $100 - $20,000,000 on your film rating your next film will be the same. USFR doesn't think you should be giving more of your profits out the  rating company. USFR will guid you to getting your film rated and distributed although distribution doesn't come free of course. 

Ratings are fast and simple with USFR since we have access to more man power than mpaa and don't monopolize the industry. We stand up and protect works of art, performers, writers, and piracy. Piracy is a shame to artists and stealing their hard earned work, so we have come up with an amazing way to cut piracy to almost zero but will not release this information at this time. Members will have updates in monthly News letters as we progress.   

Initial Signup 500.00

Monthly 29.99

Receive Newsletter with events, voting rights for films, and invitations to free screenings in your area. You also will be automatically eligible to receive discounted award show tickets. 



Rating fees are not included in these fees please see fees here.