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Film ratings are important information for parents and guardian's about a movie's subject matter. Sequentially it's up to you the parent or guardian to decide whether a movie is appropriate for your family and children. Take a look at our rating guidelines they give you more detailed information on why movies are put in different rating categories. Understanding how Film ratings work is a very valuable thing for you to set your own standards on what is appropriate for your family. Please remember to always talk to your children so you can make sure your family standards work for you. 


Movies open our eyes to new places, ideas and cultures, It's important for parents to have a role in assuring that the movie-going experience is positive and enlightening. It is always important to read up on movies so you can make sure it contains the type of subject matter you're pleased with your children viewing. Movie reviews, online sources, blogs and Etc. are great resources for parents to find information on movies content, also you can visit us often to find movie reviews or even get a refresher on how our rating system works and why movies fall into a certain rating category.


Film ratings are selected by a panel of experts who consider all elements such as sex, drug use, language and violence, then accredit a rating they believe the majority of American parents would give a movie. Film ratings provide excellent information about the subject matter of movies, to help parents regulate movies that they think are appropriate for their children's age group. After all, parents are the best suitable of knowing the individual sensitivities of their children. 


It's a filmmakers choice to have their film rated, a film rating only suggests what content may be sensitive to some viewers and may need adult supervision. Of course all members of United States Film Ratings believe strongly that parents and guardians should be warned and advised before watching a film so you can make your best judgement of how appropriate It's for your family.


No, film ratings are a absolutely voluntary decision by the filmmaker. However the majority of filmmakers get their films rated because most theaters will not accept a movie without a rating with it and insured. with our process of reviewing and rating films we also take the time to make sure advertising previews, billboards, posters and backdrops content is appropriate for your target audience to view it. Our goal is to give parents the same comfort in film advertisement that you have in our Film rating system.